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Our website is a bar way that introduces you to a world of Pakistani fashion designers. We do a careful and well researched analysis of current Pakistan fashion scene and give you the latest updates from world of Pakistan fashion. Pakistan fashion industry has boomed and is continually striving to expand. With opening of institutes and fashion schools our industry has found new horizons with lots of new talent pouring in.

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Any fashion designer of Pakistan can setup a free Boutique on ApnaDress website and start buying or selling Pakistani Dresses from Fashion designers within few minutes.




Our website gives you a platform where you can interact with people from the Pakistani fashion scene as well as view updates, online stores and even make appointments. Pakistani fashion designers have made impact with their design philosophy and have established their market in major fashion cities of world. Big guns like HSY, Maria B, Deepak Parwani, Sana Safinaz to name a few have retail stores in all big cities and are now also aiming for online stores.

Pakistan fashion scene has diverse fashion philosophy ranging from elite, sophisticated to preppy and urban. A lot of fashion designers from Pakistan are now experimenting in Haute couture. Designers like Parwani claim to put special emphasis on design elements Line, Shape, Form, Texture, Pattern and Color. Enlightened moderation introduces in recent years helped Pakistan fashion scene grow but it also resulted in tough competition between the designers and newbies. Fashion newbies find it to difficult to break in fashion world. Our website has vowed to help fresh fashion graduates in Pakistan by giving them oppurtunities to lanch online stores.

Graduates from Pakistan fashion schools can also look for jobs on our website. At our website you can know everything about latest fashion in pakistan just on a click of mouse without any hassle. Bridal wear is the most important aspect of Paskistan’s fashion scene owing to strong cultural and traditional wedding format. Bridal wear is major source of income for pakistani fashion designers and requires great detail and personnal attention for each client.

We also update you on latest fashion in Pakistan bridal so that you make you big day memorial and cherish it afterwards. Changes in world of fashion proceed rapidly and our website is a source that gives you all the info about latest fashions in Pakistan. Recently Pakistan fashion council has launched Pakistan fashion week that aims to showcase work of all designers and promisies to take Pakistan fashion to new heights.