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Pakistan and Indian fashion industry has realized the importance of planned fashion shows for promotion of fashion. Fashion shows attended by high profile celebrities and people from corporate sector have become regular on calendars.


Fashion shows in Pakistan and India have become symbol of class and are given coverage by top fashion magazines and TV channels. Modeling shows give you a fresh perspective on current fashion and trends and view top models. Many designers like Yasir Waheed and Vaneeza Ahmed use dress exhibitions to showcase their season’s collection for public view. In years past, fashion weeks in India and Pakistan were predominantly for "the trade only"; however, today they are entertainment and media events. Runway shows with top modelsare typically the highlight of fashion and showbiz shows. Pakistani and Indian fashion shows are choreographed by highly trained stylists and runway instructors like Imran qureshi, Farieha Altaf and HSY. Fashion exhibitions put special emphasis on themes that mesh with requirments of the fashion show. Our website marks all the major fashion shows and fashion exhibitions in India and Pakistan so you don’t miss any of these exciting events. If you are arranging some extravagant event and want everyone to know about it then eregister with our website and get ready to cruise through fashion world.