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We welcome you to a world where beauty and divine will become your destiny giving you an everlasting confidence. We have an online database of thousands of beauticians and makeup artists in Pakistan and their contact info. Our website aims to update you about all events and news from the world of makeup artists in Pakistan.


We cover major event of top beauticians in Pakistan keeping you up to date with the latest happenings in sphere of Pakistani beauticians and makeup artists. Our website has a list of top beauty parlors of famous beauticians in Pakistan thus making it convenient for you to contact and make appointments with them. Pakistan has a few well regarded names in the international makeup industry like Nabila, Tariq Amin, Khawer Riaz, Ather Shahzad to name a few. Almost all of these big names have beauty parlors in major cities providing top notch services. Each of top beauticians in Pakistan has its own individuality and makeup style. Nabila for instance is known for her rebellious style while still maintaining the elitist look. Tariq Amin the most famous and well reputed hair stylist is known for his edgy appeal opposing simplicity. Pakistan’s top beauticians emphasize on redefining bridal makeup giving it a more modern look. Bridal makeup is the most important factor determining the reputation of beauty parlors in Pakistan. Nabila has imported modern equipment and techniques for updating the fashion scene in Pakistan. She has introduced a nail bar and re-bonding services in Pakistan. Makeup artists like Khawer and Ather have helped artists and aspiring models to develop portfolios and helping them to launch their careers. Our website helps you interact with the best beauticians of Pakistan so you can have all beauty services just on a click of mouse. We update you on the latest hair styles, nail trends and skin care so that you can look and feel beautiful about yourself. Rebonding is all the new rage in Pakistan and many Beauty parlors have ventured into this field. Beauticians and makeup artists have proceeded rapidly in Pakistan and one needs to reinvent themselves on regular basis. For those aspiring beauticians and makeup artists who want to step into world of makeup artists can upload there portfolios on or website. You can upload profiles and information about your business so that clients may contact you. Online marketing will help you establish your name and corporate identity so that you can compete best beauticians in Pakistan. In short we are your one stop if you are looking for news, jobs, tips and contact info related to Pakistani beauticians.