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Fashion and concept of beauty care is not only reserved for women. In today’s modern world men have become as much conscious as women in grooming themselves. Grooming and polishing ones personality is a key factor in lifting the confidence.


Today cosmetic manufacturers have special product range for men who want to feel and look good. Pakistan has seen major changes in fashion and makeup industry and last decade saw evolution of many gent hair saloons in Pakistan. Depilex one of the top beauty salons was the first to launch a gents hair salon known as Depilex men. Depilex men’s mentor Musarrat Misbah claims that hair dressers and beauticians at her gents salon are specially trained for grooming men. At Depilex men the hair dresser spends time listening to their client’s demands and aspirations and making them happen. Apart from gents hair dressing men can also enjoy a nail bar, a chiropodist and nutrition and allergy testing. Tariq Amin and Nabila are also known for transforming image of many male celebrities. Tariq Amin a well known makeup artist and gents hair dresser believes that men should take of their look and hygiene as much as women. He believes that men in Pakistan are slowly adopting the idea of professional gent’s hairdresser instead of barbers who do not have technical know how. Gents hair salons not only help image conscious men with their hair but offer a wide range of other services. Nabila another top stylist in Pakistan supports the idea of metro sexuality. She thinks that looking good is important for both men and women. With people appreciating the idea of salons for gents we have seen many artist launching gents salon in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. Depilex men is located in sector F-10/4 of Islamabad and favorite spot for metro sexual. If you are someone who wants to make a mark in field of gents salon and gent’s hairdresser and looking for a place to market your salon we can help you in this regard. We encourage newbie by helping them to display their contact info online so that clients may contact them with ease. In addition this we also have info of all major gents hair salon where you can check out anything you want to know.